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“Distress” The American flag is only supposed to be hung upside down in a time of great distress.  It’s military origins was a signal to show dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.  Today our flag is generally hung upside down as some form of government protest.  Contrary to some, this act is not a desecration of the flag and is a First Amendment Right

    I painted “Distress” after the election and as it was with many Americans, I was quite disturbed by the election results.  I found myself focusing on the potential of impending chaos and fear, challenges to our American culture, politics, constitution and moral compass.  I knew my next piece of art had to express this uneasiness. “Distress” - my first painting that has developed into my triptych series on our current state of the Union and the call for our citizenry to the dire need for action.

   In 2017 I curated an artists exhibit "Resist-Persist" in Boulder Colorado. "Distress" became my first piece of a triptych series I painted for the show


   2016   -   32” x 24”


   2017   -   32” x 24”



“Hubris” - Defined as excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.

    I painted “Hubris” as the 2nd piece of my triptych series.  It is patterned after the Greek mythical Icarus.  Icarus father,  Daedalus, fashioned with a pair of wings with feathers attached using melted wax to escape their imprisonment by King Minos. Daedalus cautioned Icarus not to fly close to the sun which would melt his wings.  Yet, embolden by his new ability of flight, Icarus became irresponsible and self aggrandized with his new power against all warnings and commonsense few toward the sun.  As expected this “Hubris” behavior ended in catastrophic disaster


   2017   -   32” x 24”

“Resist-Persist” The raised clenched fist, is a symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance.

    I painted “Resist-Persist” as the third piece of my triptych series.  I carried through the american flag and eagle thymes from my first two paintings in to this “Resist-Persist” painting as the iconic symbols of what we profess our nation to represent in our liberties and our rights.  The raised clenched fist as the salute to vigilance to insure these values!

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