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Artist's Journey to Envisioning

Evolving My  Encaustic Art 


Encaustic: means to “Burnt in”. This technique of painting with molten wax,

traditionally beeswax, is a 2-3000 year old art.  Wax pigments and resins are

applied in layers, with each new layer heat fused or “Burnt In” to the underlying

layers - creating the completed piece.  My techniques have taken a distinctive turn

from those of traditional Encaustic. I use paraffin wax as my paint medium instead

the yellow-brown beeswax, which tints the added color pigments.  Translucent

paraffin keeps my colors true and bright. I have also developed a blended

wax/additive base which allows me to paint without the layered “burning in”

process. This gives me greater flexibility and with some creative techniques, I am

able to achieve a wide range of textures, faux finishes, engraved and sculpted effects.

My wax paint is applied with various hot styluses, hot brushes and irons, air guns

and wax on wax appliqué. It is laid on in delicate, thinly polished glazes or as heavy

encrusted impastos. I carve, mold, shape and scrape, building high and or low reliefs.

Finally, my finished works are given coating combinations of clear protective acrylic

with a UV protective clear epoxy.    


Artist’s Statement of Understanding


I believe that, as an artist, you search for those mediums through which you can express life.  The Art bringing to life an essence of the divine through this creative expression.  In my work, Wax has become the medium through which I “Express Life”.  When I’m in a true flow, my work comes through me, not just from me ... an enlightened moment.  Yet, I found this “True Flow” to be rather sporadic and disconnected in my work, leaving me somewhat unfulfilled with my art.  A few years ago, I began a journey to awaken a deeper meaning to my art. Feeling this lack of a true connection with my heart, my soul, I put aside my painting while I went on my quest to open this doorway through to my art. It led to some dark moments ... will I, can I ever realize this? However, as I search deeper, this darkness began to awaken to the light of ones personal divineness, merging into my art as a personal belief.  My paintings are there to give form to this quest, these questions and the pursuit of one's reawakening. A visual story connecting to one's Divine purpose - your truth, your Bliss. An acknowledgment that we have this Light that guides through one's life struggles into this reawakening of the divine creative beings we are …



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