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Encaustic Painting Workshop

"Creative Wax Painting"

An Alternative to traditional Encaustic

Create a finished, 12”x 16” 
framed encaustic painting.

             Thursday Evening, Oct 19th 6-9pm

  Saturday, Oct 21st: 9am to 12pm -break- 1 to 4pm


*$185.00  Workshop fee, 

         includes all materials

*Maximum class size: 5 participants

*Location: Marco’s Encaustic Studio         

           4939 N. Broadway, Studio # 57

                    (in the Hoi Polloi workshop space)    

Workshop Description:

This 10 hour Workshop consists of a 3 hour Thursday evening class and a 7 hour Saturday class.  The workshop is design to explore the non traditional encaustic techniques designed by Marco.  Discover the play of wax painting, including texturing, etching, sculpting and wax on wax appliqué, that Marco has developed with his unique approach to Encaustic painting. Utilizing these techniques, we’ll complete the workshop by finishing your own encaustic painting. Previous experience is not requirement.


Upcoming Encaustic Workshop

Thursday Evening, Oct 19th 6-9pm


  Saturday, Oct 21st: 9am to 12pm -break- 1 to 4pm

Registration: Click on the PayPal

*Each Maximum Workshop size is 6 participants.  

Once the max registration number is reached 

you will be redirected to workshop options.  

For Additional Information contact Marco Montanari:


4939 N. Broadway, Studio # 57

                    (in the Hoi Polloi workshop space)    

Workshop Outline:     

Thursday Evening Session, 6pm - 9pm:

    - Introduction: what is Encaustic art and Marco’s variation on encaustic art 

    - Paint various wax techniques on small demo boards.

    - Begin ideas, layout/sketching of your full painting

Saturday Morning Session, 9am - 12 pm:

    - Work on wax techniques to be utilized in your painting.

    - Finalize layout/sketching of full painting, begin your painting

    - Begin your encaustic painting

Saturday lunch break, 12pm - 1pm


Saturday Afternoon Session, 1pm - 4 pm:

    - Work on encaustic painting until completion 

    - Frame finished painting

    - End workshop with display of all finished paintings and class review

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