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Born  in 1952, Marco Montanari was raised in Buffalo N.Y. His art education includes a minor in Fine Arts at Erie Community College and at the State University of N.Y., as well as ongoing art studies in sculpture, life drawing and painting throughout the years. In 1993, while living in Saratoga Springs N.Y., Marco developed a process of sculpting wax on a wood lathe and then painting the sculpted  surfaces with paraffin wax. These sculptures were designed as luminaries with the painted surfaces glowing when lit. In 2000 Marco began to experiment with translating these techniques into Encaustic painting on canvas board. In 2003 Marco and his wife, Kathy Zilbermann, relocated to Boulder Colorado where he is currently working exclusively in Encaustic painting. 

















  • Bullet point Bio & Education

- Fine Arts: Erie Community College - 1972

- Fine Arts: State University of N.Y. - 1973

- Sculpture studies: Larry Griffith Studios, Buffalo NY - 1975

- 1993 developed wax sculpting & encaustic painting technique on wood lathe: Saratoga Springs, N.Y

- 1997-00 Albany, NY BOCES "Art in Public School" as a visiting artist. Wax painting workshops

- 1994 -00  Sculpture in wax workshops: Saratoga Springs Art Center - Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

- 2000 developed nontraditional paraffin technique of encaustic painting on canvas board.

- 2003 relocated to Boulder Colorado, working exclusively in Encaustic painting. 

- 2013 -2016 Teaching ongoing Encaustic Workshop in Boulder and Breckenridge,Colorado



2010 - present
2010 - present
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